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After the FIFA World Cup Final, Bisht Used to Honor Messi is Selling Like Hot Cake


One of the biggest surprises of the recent FIFA World Cup 2022 emerged after Sunday’s championship match, in which Argentina defeated France in a penalty kick.

The winning captain of Argentina, Lionel Messi, was gifted with a black and gold bisht, a traditional men’s robe, by Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, in celebration of his team’s victory.

According to reports, Messi’s bisht, which costs about $2,200, was produced by Al-Salem shop, a supplier of bisht in Qatar. It’s interesting to note that the owner of Al-Salem business was unaware that the shirt they fashioned was intended for Argentine footballer Lionel Messi.

Owner of the Al-Salem store Ahmed Al-Salem was stunned to witness the Qatari Emir awarding Messi with his bisht while watching the championship game on a television nearby. He didn’t identify the scene until he noticed his brand’s tag.

He claimed that on average, his shop used to sell 8 to 10 bishts each day. But during the World Cup final, he sold more than 150 of them in one day, three of which were exact duplicates of the one Messi wore. According to Al-Salem, there was once a sizable line outside his shop, with most of the people in it being Argentineans.

According to Al-Salem, World Cup authorities purchased two pieces of the lightest, clearest fabric, one in a smaller size (for Messi) and the other in a larger size (for France’s Hugo Lloris). He assumed that was because they didn’t want to hide the shirt of the victorious team.

It is important to note that the Qatari royal family has traditionally relied on the Al-Salem shop for its bisht needs. For a variety of people, including ambassadors and diplomats, Al-Salem and his staff have created bisht.


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