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Germany agrees to buy F-35 aircraft


Deliveries of the 35 planes should take place between 2026 and 2029.

As part of the nation’s military modernization following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany finalized a contract on Wednesday to purchase dozens of F-35 fighter jets built in the US, according to US authorities.

According to a statement from the US embassy in Berlin, “The German F-35 programme will secure the continuity of Germany’s alliance commitments and assure NATO’s credible defense in the future.”

The 35 Aeroplanes, which are the most powerful fighters in the world, should be delivered between 2026 and 2029, it claimed.

Berlin had declared in March that it intended to replace its ageing Tornado fleet with Lockheed Martin’s aircraft.

However, in a letter to the budget committee of parliament earlier this month, the Berlin defense ministry expressed misgivings about the proposal and warned of “delays and increased expenses” in the over €10 billion ($10.5 billion) deal.

However, the lower chamber of the German parliament made the decision to accept the acquisition on Wednesday.

According to a statement from the embassy, “the German-US defence relationship has never been stronger and is a key component of NATO’s continental partnership.”

The cost of the jets will be covered by a proposed €100 billion investment in the armed forces, which was announced in an effort to revamp Germany’s understaffed military at the onset of the Ukraine War.



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