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‘Imran Khan does not want a fight with the military establishment.’


Asad Qaiser writes to global forums to inform them of Pakistan’s “illegal policies and severe violations” of human rights.

ISLAMABAD: Asad Qaiser, former Speaker of the National Assembly and senior PTI leader, has stated that Imran Khan does not want a fight with the military establishment.

In an interview with The News, he stated that Imran Khan’s agenda was to move the country towards progress and prosperity while harbouring no personal grudges against anyone, including those in the establishment.

Qaiser recalled that Imran Khan had publicly forgiven those who had allegedly planned to assassinate him in Wazirabad during the PTI’s previous year-long march.

Asad Qaiser strongly refuted the notion that Imran Khan might get personal with someone after assuming power. He explained that all Imran Khan wants is the rule of law and the proper operation of all state institutions within their constitutional boundaries.

Asad Qaiser is one of the PTI members who has advocated for a reconciliation between the PTI and the military establishment. Former KP chief minister and ex-defence minister Pervez Khattak, as well as Fawad Chaudhry, are among those attempting to bridge the gap between Imran Khan and the military establishment.

However, some people close to the PTI chairman are allegedly feeding Imran conspiracy theories about the current establishment. Faisal Vawda, a former Imran Khan party associate, refers to such people as snakes. Despite the fact that Vawda did not name these snakes, he insisted that they are pitting Imran Khan against the establishment for their own political gain.

Imran Khan has discussed at least five different assassination plots in recent months. On the condition of anonymity, a senior PTI leader stated that most party leaders knew nothing about the alleged plots but insisted that some people were misfeeding Khan.

Initially, shortly after being removed from the Prime Minister’s Office, Imran Khan claimed that four people plotted to assassinate him. He stated that he had recorded his video statement about the conspiracy and the alleged plotters and had secured it to be made public if he was assassinated. Khan, on the other hand, did not name the alleged schemers.

Following the Wazirabad attack, Imran Khan blamed Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and an ISI senior officer for the failed assassination attempt. Later, Imran Khan was quoted by a private TV channel as saying that General Bajwa had planned to assassinate him (Imran) and declare a state of emergency in the country.

Khan recently accused former president and PPP Co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari of being part of a plot to eliminate him, alleging that after two failed assassination attempts, the four people he had previously claimed hatched a conspiracy to kill him along with the PPP leader then prepared a plan C to eliminate him.

“Asif Zardari has paid his corruption money to a terrorist organisation that is being aided by powerful state agency facilitators to launch another attack on me,” Khan claimed in a televised address.

Imran Khan came up with a new conspiracy a few days ago, claiming that another plan had been hatched to assassinate him through a police operation. He claimed that the Punjab Inspector General of Police, the IG of Police Islamabad, and the handlers devised a plan similar to Murtaza Bhutto’s assassination.

He feared that the Punjab Police would conduct another operation at Khan’s residence in Zaman Park in a day or two after infiltrating their men in the PTI crowd. He claimed that these infiltrated men would kill four to five police officers to provide justification to the Punjab Police for retaliation, and that he would then be killed in an encounter amid the chaos.


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