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Imran Khan relates the “crackdown” on the PTI to its “extraordinary popularity.”


Says life threats, party arrests, and media repression all reflect the government’s fear of the PTI sweeping the elections.

Imran Khan, leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has linked the “threat” to his life and the recent crackdown on his party to his “unprecedented popularity,” claiming that those in power are desperate to avoid electoral defeat.

Imran stated in an interview with Times Radio that his life is in danger, which has been confirmed by public statements made by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

However, while the government suspects that the threat emanates from “some foreign elements,” the PTI leader stated that he “is aware that it emanates from within the government itself.”

“I believe three government officials were responsible for my assassination, and I predicted this approximately six weeks prior to the attempt. They remain in government, sabotage the investigation report because it implicates them, and I believe they are more threatened than ever “he said.

“There was a general of the intelligence agency who was involved in this, and I nominated him, along with the interior minister — who recently stated that it is either us or them, or some other stupid statement — and the prime minister. All of them have participated in extra-judicial killings, which is documented “he added.

“Since my party has won 30 of 37 by-elections in the last few months, they are aware that we are election favourites,” Imran said, adding that his life was “even more in danger.”

Imran blamed former army chief of staff Qamar Javed Bajwa for his dismissal, claiming that he colluded with the “guys in power” in the hopes that the PTI’s support would wane.

Imran asserted, however, that his party has consistently gained more support, compelling his opponents to take extreme measures to prevent him from regaining office through elections.

“There are currently 140 cases against me, including blasphemy, sedition, and forty terrorism cases,” he emphasised, dismissing them all by stating, “Nobody believes that I have broken the law because I have never broken the law in my life.”

“In fact, my movement is known as the Movement for Justice and the Rule of Law,” he continued.

He claimed, “Whenever I go to trial courts, I am granted bail because there is nothing in the cases.”

In addition, he refuted allegations that his party engaged in violent activities by stating, “A party that seeks election does not seek violence.”

Imran lamented the crackdown against his party leaders and workers, including the party’s missing Karachi social media head Arshad Siddiqui, as well as the “media blackout” against the PTI.


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