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Imran khan today announced his Election campaign will begin from Saturday


Imran Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and a former prime minister, has announced that the PTI will begin its election campaign on Saturday.

On Wednesday, he made this statement while speaking to the nation via video link from his Lahore home in Zaman Park.

The PTI would not allow the PDM and its allies to bypass the elections, he added as he gave the workers advice to prepare for the election. He added that he would speak to them on Saturday night and disclose the next step in the process.

He congratulated the entire country on the Supreme Court decision because it upheld the Constitution’s supremacy and delivered a landmark ruling.

Imran praised the Supreme Court’s 3-2 decision to order elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take place within 90 days, stating that the court’s decision today satisfied its duty to uphold the Constitution.

He noted that there was still doubt about whether or not there would be elections.

He insisted that the presence of justice and the rule of law are linked to a nation’s prosperity.

He recalled how the PML-N had divided the judiciary and attacked the Supreme Court in order to advance its own interests. He also said that the PML-N would never accept impartial and trustworthy judges because they wanted rulings that would advance their own interests. The PML-N, he continued, opposes an independent judiciary.

He paid rich tributes to the Supreme Court for its historical verdict and vowed to safeguard the judiciary and protect it.

He claimed that Pakistan’s mafias have robbed the populace of their human rights. He continued by saying that they wouldn’t let the government avoid the elections by making arrests, challenging it, or giving it a hard time.

He discussed the Toshakhana case with the populace and explained that, prior to the PTI government, all gifts received from foreign nations were paid for at a rate of 15%, but that rate was increased to 50% under the PTI. He continued, “I paid 50% of the price and purchased items; they are now his property, and he may do with them whatever I please.”

However, corruption cases involving billions of rupees involving the Sharifs and Zardaris have been resolved, and it has been added that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari purchased cars from Toshakhana in complete violation of the law by paying only 15%. However, no case was being heard against them, and the cases involving their massive amounts of corruption had been dropped.

He insisted that he was still in danger of losing his life and warned that this could happen again. On the other hand, cases are being filed daily, and despite grave threats, he is required to appear in court for each fictitious case.

He claimed that because Pakistanis have seen their true faces, the PDM government and its allies are terrified of the upcoming elections and the populace. These dishonest rulers rose to power through a conspiracy and promised to stop inflation, but they only succeeded in having their corruption cases dismissed.

He reminded the judiciary once more that the country supports it.


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