Lahore comes to a stop after receiving nearly 200mm of rain.


Rainwater floods roadways and low-lying regions in Lahore, causing power outages.

LAHORE: On Saturday, Lahore experienced intense bursts of intermittant rain that fell the city’s highways and low-lying regions and caused the municipal government to take action to deal with potential problems.

The most populous city in Punjab, which earlier this month experienced the heaviest rainfall in decades, was pummelling by heavy storms once more. The day began with a cloudburst across the city that flooded the low-lying neighbourhoods and roadways, stopping life as we know it.

The residents of the provincial capital wade across the flooded streets and streets.

The Gulshan-e-Ravi neighbourhood of Lahore had the heaviest rainfall, up to 201 mm, according to the Punjab Water and Sanitation Agency.

In the meantime, the Airport saw 195 mm of rain, the Tajpura SDO Office region 193 millimetres, and Nishtar Town 190 millimetres.

At least 70 feeders of the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) tripped as the rain lashed the city, cutting off power to a number of locations.

The effort to restore the power supply will begin soon, according to an LESCO representative.

Following the downpour, acting Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi went to several parts of Lahore to assess the situation.

He gave instructions to WASA and the city administration to use all available resources to immediately drain the rainwater from the roads.

Naqvi also gave instructions to the authorities to keep on the ground to deal with citizen complaints and boost the number of dewatering pumps placed in the city.

He also directed all-out efforts to maintain uninterrupted traffic flow.

The Met Office reported on Friday that monsoon currents are constantly entering the nation from the Bay of Bengal.

The higher regions of the nation are also being affected by a westerly trough that could linger for the next few days.

Additionally, it predicted urban floods in Lahore’s low-lying neighborhoods and other higher regions of the nation.


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