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Make money from Facebook videos in Pakistan


Pilot project is in progress after significant arrangement change

Facebook monetization accepts content makers across the world to bring in cash by authorizing promotions on their videos. It has been allowed in many regions of the world for at some point however video creators from Pakistan have not had the option to profit from this. Moreover, this is about to change.

The Ministry for Information and Technology published that Meta – the parent organization that claims Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has chosen to empower video monetization for Facebook in the country.

Facebook makes a lot of cash off promotions. While the vast majority are fairly up to date with the idea of Facebook Advertisements, rather few know about the possibility of monetize their videos on the Facebook.

This is mostly because of the way that Facebook video monetization is a genuinely new idea and, as of not long ago, was simply accessible to a limited number of Facebook users.

The ministry said that Meta will make a pilot project for video monetization then the strategies will be presented as it feels that straightforwardly permitting monetization could be dangerous.

Authorities said that Meta likewise have reservations in regards to the administrative system in Pakistan.

Here are the three methods for monetize Facebook Video:

Brand Collabs Supervisor

Fan Memberships

In-Stream Promotions

How a few Pakistanis as of now monetize videos

Presently, a few select media associations and people have their videos monetization. Be that as it may, for this they need to employ administrations of organizations in other countries like Singapore or UAE and apply for monetization from those regions.

Whenever it’s started, everybody creating video content will actually want to bring in cash of their content.

This is lengthy process and requires venture, something individual Facebook content makers, particularly beginners, can’t bear.


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