On Women’s Day, there is “good news” for Pakistani women.


The biggest ride-hailing company in Pakistan has announced plans to introduce a new female-driven motorbike service.

Careem, a ride-hailing company with operations in Pakistan, announced its intention to launch a new women-driven motorbike service on the occasion of International Women’s Day. This service will be geared solely towards serving female customers.

The business urged women who are interested in working as female captains and gaining access to flexible employment opportunities to register for the service, which will launch in Karachi before expanding to other Pakistani cities.

The company promises a monthly payment of Rs30,000 and Rs50,000 for the part-time (five hours) and full-time (10 hours) models of the service, respectively, according to Careem’s details.

Also provided by the ride-hailing company are “0% commission, bonuses, and guarantees as well as priority access to Careem’s safety and security helpline” for female motorbike captains.

Visit the DHA or Gulshan Careem opportunity centre or the Careem Captain Facebook page if you are a woman interested in the service.

More than 1,700 female captains drive Careem customers across a variety of car types on the platform during times when women are battling for their rights and equality at work.

By providing special bonuses, the daily Super App for the greater Middle East region encourages all of its female captains in all car types, making it more profitable for them to work on the platform.

Women in Pakistan will have access to “flexible income-generating options and achieve financial stability as Captains” thanks to Careem’s new women-driven motorbike service.

Imran Saleem, general manager of Careem Pakistan, commented on the new service, saying: “Women are a significant portion of our customer base and are an integral part of our society.

“Careem’s women-driven motorcycle service will assist our female customers in breaking down barriers by providing them with access to affordable, dependable, and safe transportation. This accessible transportation is especially needed now, when the economy is so difficult that it is difficult for families to manage their households on one income.

International Women’s Day is observed annually on March 8 to honour the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women all over the world.

The day’s main message is a call to action to speed up gender parity and to set agendas and objectives for achieving these targets. To accomplish this, events, talks, and awareness campaigns are planned.


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