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PTI will protest Mohsin Naqvi’s appointment as interim chief minister of Punjab.


Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, declared on Monday that the party would protest Mohsin Naqvi’s nomination as interim chief minister of Punjab across the nation.

In a video speech, he announced that protests will also be conducted in Multan and Faisalabad in addition to Lahore tomorrow. Rawalpindi would follow.

The announcement comes a day after Naqvi, a senior journalist and owner of a few private TV networks, was named caretaker chief minister for a 90-day interim period by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The PTI and its key ally PML-Q had vehemently rejected the appointment and unanimously stated that they would knock on the doors of the court and take to the streets against the electoral watchdog’s decision.

Imran asked the public to take to the streets and demonstrate that they “are not cattle” during his speech today. “We can’t tolerate someone who has worked against me in the past and is pursuing an agenda.”

Imran claimed that when he was in office, the Intelligence Bureau told him of Naqvi’s plans to topple his government. The regime change operation’s most prominent participant was Mohsin Naqvi.

He added that Asif Ali Zardari, a former president, “called Naqvi a son.” “You can now imagine what type of a guy he (Naqvi) is,” said Zardari, who is well-known for his corruption throughout the world.

“In 2018 Naqvi refunded Rs3.5 million to the National Accountability Bureau and accepted that he had stolen money,” he continued.

Naqvi, according to Imran, lacked morality and a nonpartisan personality. He anticipated that Naqvi would choose bureaucrats and police officers who were hostile to the PTI in an effort to put the party in a difficult position.

They are frightened of PTI’s popularity because we are invincible in elections, according to Imran. He said that Naqvi would not permit provincial elections until the electoral staff was changed, ensuring the victory of the previous opposition.

The nominations submitted by the PTI and the PML-Q were “reliable and honest,” according to Imran, who also stated that the caretaker government’s goal was to serve as a neutral umpire.

Mran criticised the electoral watchdog for its rulings that were “always overturned by the court,” saying that they were against the PTI.

He said that he had never before seen such a “dishonest” commission, saying, “This shows the electoral watchdog’s decisions were absolutely erroneous.”

The government, which had previously made the specifics of his purchases public, had now claimed in court that they were state secrets and could not be made public, leading him to call the Toshakhana case against him a “laugh.”

He declared that in light of the most recent local government elections in Sindh, the ECP “should be ashamed.”

He added that after the provincial assemblies in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were dissolved, the PTI will petition the court to hold elections in those provinces. Elections must be held within 90 days, according to the Constitution.

He continued by declaring that the PTI would also file a lawsuit in court to challenge Naqvi’s appointment, claiming that the election watchdog had broken the law.

“They (ECP) are working toward the same goal of setting a red line to halt Imran Khan and the PTI so that the criminal cabal may retake power,”

Imran emphasised during the speech that elections were the only way to solve the nation’s problems and warned that if they did not take place, a Sri Lanka-like situation would soon follow.

“To get the nation out of its current mess, an election must be held. There will be worse days ahead if we don’t speak up now.


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