“Sag Mir Nichts”: A Suspenseful and Touching Drama


Ursina Lardi shines in “Sag mir nichts”

The 2016 TV movie “Sag mir nichts” was repeated on Das Erste on Wednesday evening. The Swiss actress Ursina Lardi played the main role of Lena.

In the drama, the married Lena meets the attractive Martin on the S-Bahn. They get closer and have a spontaneous fling. What was initially intended as a harmless adventure develops into an intense affair.

Lardi embodies Lena with great credibility. She shows the inner turmoil of the woman who is torn between her marriage and her new love. Ronald Zehrfeld as Martin is also convincing in his role.

“Sag mir nichts” is a suspenseful and touching drama that is worth watching not only because of Ursina Lardi’s acting performance. The film deals in an urgent way with the question of how much freedom and passion we can allow in a relationship.

“Sag mir nichts” is still available in the ARD Mediathek until September 6, 2023.


The film was mostly well-received by critics. The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote: “Ursina Lardi gives Lena an unforgettable figure who is so credible and understandable in her tornness between love and guilt, longing and fear, freedom and responsibility that you have to feel empathy for her.”

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung also praised the performance of the leading actress: “Ursina Lardi is a force in the role of Lena. She shows the despair and hope, the longing and fear, the love and despair of a woman who could lose everything.”


“Sag mir nichts” is a worthwhile film that deals with an important question of life. Ursina Lardi delivers an outstanding performance and makes the film an unforgettable experience.


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