Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan


One of the most well-liked vehicles in Pakistan is the Suzuki Alto, and in recent months, its price has increased. The prices of the various Alto variations as of July 2023 are as follows:

Alto VX: 2,251,000 Rupees
Alto VXR: 2,612,000 rupees

Alto VXR AGS: 2,799,000 Rupees
Alto AGS: 2,935,000 Rupees
It is best to check with a dealership before making a purchase as these prices are liable to change.

The loss of the Pakistani rupee, growing raw material costs, and increased demand for automobiles in the nation are a few of the complex factors that have recently contributed to the price increase of the Suzuki Alto.

Despite the price hike, many Pakistani purchasers continue to like the Suzuki Alto. It is an automobile that is suitable for the local market since it is dependable, inexpensive, and fuel-efficient.

The Suzuki Alto’s price has recently increased for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below:

escalating price of raw materials: In recent months, the price of raw materials like steel and aluminium has increased. The cost of producing cars, notably the Suzuki Alto, has increased as a result.
Pakistani rupee depreciation: In recent months, the Pakistani rupee has been losing value in comparison to the US dollar. As a result, imported vehicles like the Suzuki Alto are now more expensive in Pakistan.
rising demand for automobiles In Pakistan, demand for automobiles has grown recently. The Suzuki Alto’s price has been under pressure to rise as a result of this.
It’s vital to remember that the Suzuki Alto’s price may go up in the future. This is a result of both the aforementioned elements and Pakistan’s ongoing economic difficulties.

It’s critical to consider the recent price hike while thinking about purchasing a Suzuki Alto. Before making a purchase, you should also examine pricing from several dealerships.


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