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Today’s PTI rally in Lahore is actually allowed.


Imtiaz Shaikh confirms that Imran Khan will lead the rally.

LAHORE: The district administration granted permission for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to hold a public rally under the condition that no speeches would be made in opposition to the judicial system, armed forces, or constitutional offices. In this regard, the Deputy Commissioner of Lahore authorised the PTI rally to take place on March 13, 2023 (today), from Zaman Park to Data Darbar in a letter to Sheikh Imtiaz Mahmood, the PTI’s Lahore President.

The DC’s letter explained that because holding a public rally in Lahore involved a high security risk due to general and specific threats against political gatherings and prior incidents of attack on the former prime minister Imran Khan in Wazirabad, the permission on the proposed route was only being issued after the organiser submitted an undertaking stating that he would be held accountable in the event of any untoward incident.

The organisers are once again cautioned and advised to take all necessary precautions in and around the venue for the safety of participants and the general public since this public gathering is being convened at their call, the letter said. This is because of the overall security situation and threat alerts received from various sources.

According to officials, District Administration and District Police plan to give the green light for today’s PTI public rally in Lahore, subject to a number of requirements.

The main requirements of the permission letter stated that no speeches were to be made that were critical of the judicial system, military, or constitutional offices. No one with batons is permitted to participate in the rally. There must never be a statement made that might offend a religious group, party, or sect. Fireworks use and the public display of firearms are strictly forbidden. Objectionable and offensive slogans must never be used, and a calm environment must always be maintained.

DC In her letter, Rafia Haider also stated that the organisers would be in charge of ensuring the safety of all participants, routes, and stampede controls. She added that in order to ensure the rally is conducted smoothly, the organisers will designate focal points who will work with the relevant Superintendent of Police and SP Traffic Police.

“To ensure proper traffic flow, traffic police will design and carry out comprehensive traffic plans. For the event, traffic police will issue and put into effect a thorough traffic plan and advisory, she wrote in the letter.

The DC also stated that any damage to public property would be the organizer’s responsibility. The Punjab Sound Systems (Regulation) Ordinance, 2015 specifies how the use of deck/sound systems is to be governed.

According to DC’s letter, the organisers must ensure that no children are brought to the public gathering and that no one is forced to shut down their business. The volunteers/razakars of the organiser are in charge of managing the attendees of the public rally and making sure they remain orderly and disciplined on the route while being searched.

The announcement of the public gathering shall not be made using a mobile van or any other vehicle. The DC letter further stated that no reception desks by the organisers may be set up without the knowledge and consent of the district police, which will permit the establishment of reception desks at designated spots.

The organisers of public gatherings are also prohibited by DC Lahore from using any kind of wall chalking in any area of the city. Streamers and banners may only be hung with PHA permission, and if permitted by PHA, no banner or streamer may contain objectionable material.

The DC further instructed the organisers that no one would be required to attend a public gathering in another District and that district police would check any vehicles or attendees in order to maintain law and order and normalcy at the event site. The DC further instructed the organisers that no obstacles would be made in this regard by the organisers.

Additionally, the DC required the rally’s organisers to refrain from burning any flags or effigies of other political or religious organisations or people.

She stated that in order to ensure various arrangements, the management/administration of public gatherings must fully cooperate with the district police. She wrote in her letter, “The organisers shall ensure that workers/participants coming from out of district abide by the conditions under which the permission is being granted.

The DC stated and instructed the organisers to ensure that the rally ends before 5:30 p.m. The organisers shall ensure that all conditions are fulfilled/observed until the Public Rally comes to a conclusion and the workers/participants were dispersed peacefully and reached their destinations.

“Any subsequent government guidelines or directives shall apply to the operation of this NOC. Additionally, copies of this letter were sent to all relevant departments.

Two Rangers companies have been stationed in the city, according to sources, to assist police in upholding law and order.


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