What is the Dark Web and how does it work?


The Dark Web is the portion of the Internet that is not indexed by common search engines like Google and Bing. It is a network of hidden websites and services that can only be accessed with specialised software, configurations, or permission.

While the Dark Web also has legitimate applications, it is frequently associated with illegal activities such as drug trafficking and the sale of weapons. Here are five essential facts regarding the Dark Web.

What is the Dark Web and how does it work?

The Dark Web is the portion of the Internet that search engines do not index. The most popular software for accessing the Dark Web is the Tor browser, which protects users’ privacy and anonymity by encrypting their internet traffic and routing it through a network of servers. This makes it difficult to determine the location or activity of the user.

Individuals and organisations use the Dark Web for a variety of purposes, including anonymous communication, file sharing, and evasion of censorship, in addition to the illegal uses of which we hear so frequently.

Deep Web vs Dark Web

Deep Web refers to all websites and data that are not indexed by conventional search engines. This consists of private databases, government documents, and other content that is inaccessible to the general public. Dark Web is a subset of the Deep Web.

How to go on the Dark Web?

If you decide to access the Dark Web, it is essential to take precautions first.

Utilize a reputable VPN service to secure or encrypt your internet traffic and conceal your location as the first step. The second step is to utilise a Dark Web browser, such as the Tor browser. It is important to avoid clicking on links from unknown sources and downloading files without verifying their authenticity when browsing the Internet.

Risks and dangers of accessing Dark Web

The Dark Web has become a haven for criminals and illegal activities due to its anonymity and absence of regulation. Accessing the Dark Web is therefore risky and hazardous. Users can easily stumble upon illegal content or unknowingly acquire malware or viruses on their devices. Users who access illegal content on the Dark Web may face legal consequences.

Is it legal to access Dark Web?

Access to the Dark Web is legal in the majority of nations, but it is important to note that some Dark Web activities are illegal. For instance, the purchase or sale of illegal drugs or weapons is illegal, and those who engage in such conduct may face legal repercussions.


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